Vol. 6. No. 1, August 2022, Special Issue Fragmentology

Biblioclasm & Digital Reconstruction


Ten scattered manuscripts digitally reassembled through the WayBack Recovery Method

DOI: 10.55456/TCLA082022

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Biblioclasm & Digital Reconstruction


The Book of Hours of Louis, bâtard de Roucy, seigneur de Sissone 1465-1536.

Carla Rossi

The Rosenbaum Psalter-Hours

Adrienn Orosz

A Psalter-Hours, Use of Metz, in Latin and French, late 13th and early 14th century

Carla Rossi

The Guyot Hours

Michela Cicalini

The Whitney Hours

A Book of Hours, use of Rouen, with precious stones and pearls

Nancy Impellizzeri

De Ponthieu Hours

Carla Rossi

Croiser Hours

Carla Rossi

The Barilla Book of Hours

Carla Rossi

A Rouen Book of Hours auctioned at Skinner

dismembered in North America

Michela Cicalini

The Book of Hours of Catherine Guernier

Carla Rossi

Some other ongoing reconstructions

Receptio team


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